St. Edward Catholic Church and School

Established 1885
The longest operating elementary or middle school in Little Rock.

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8th Grade Graduation

St. Edward celebrates its 128th graduating class.

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Welcome to St. Edward Catholic School! Our campus can be broken into four stages of construction. The magnificent Gothic-style church was completed and dedicated in 1905. We believe that this church, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the most beautiful building in Downtown Little Rock. To the right of the church is the section of the school that was just completed in 2007. This three-story building includes a state-of-the-art science lab, a computer lab with 32 student computers, a media center/library, five classrooms, the school office, a conference room, a faculty lounge, and 2 multi-purpose rooms. In the foreground is the lower grades building, which houses grades 1-5 and the Resource classroom. Attached to this building is an annex. (The annex begins where the roof rises.) This holds the, Kindergarten, 3- and 4-year-old Pre-Kindergarten, and the Gymnasium. The space between the buildings is a fully enclosed courtyard.

Our main entrance is between the new building and the lower grades building. When visitors arrive at the main entrance, they must press a button and speak to the office staff before entering the building. This door can then be unlocked from inside the office. All exterior doors are locked during the day, so that all traffic flows through these doors and can be monitored by the office staff.

Just through the main doors is the entrance to the new building. This ground floor has one level above and a basement below. The school offices, the science lab, and the library are on this floor. There is also a staircase at each end and an elevator that provide access to the other floors.

Next you arrive at the science lab. The lab contains six student lab tables and a teacher table. Each individual table includes a sink and outlets. The lab includes all standard safety features including a vent hood, safety shower, and eye wash station. There is ample cabinetry for storage as well as a locked storage closet. The lab is also home to a few animals that are cared for by our science club. Currently we have a ball python, two rabbits, a gecko, and a turtle.

Across the hall from the science lab is our media center. Along with the 6,265 books (4,065 fiction, 2,000 nonfiction, and 200 reference) and bookshelves, the media center holds six tables, four study cubicles, two student computers, and a large librarian's desk and computer. Our librarian has a masters in library science, and each class visits the library at least once per week. The Parochial League trophies that St. Edward has won in recent years are also on display in the media center.

From the main hallway you can access the lowest floor of the new building by stairs or elevator. The lowest level contains our computer classroom, our Art & Music classroom, a large multi-purpose room with a partition, and a kitchen area.

Our computer classroom contains 32 student computers. Each student work station includes a flat panel monitor, and a headset for audio. St. Edward employs a full-time computer teacher with a masters degree in information systems. Each class has a pull-out to with the computer teacher once a week, and the lab is available for use by classes at any time.

Art & Music classes are also on this level. St. Edward employs a specialized teacher in each of these content areas as well.

Continuing through the lower floor you will come to the multi-purpose rooms. These are used for school activities that require extra space. Receptions for school events, guest speakers, school pictures, Christmas gift shops, and many other events are hosted in these rooms. These rooms are also used twice a week for our Title I after-school tutoring program and in the summer for our Title I summer school. Students who need extra assistance in core classes are invited to attend these federally funded programs free of charge.

A trip back up the stairs or elevator can take you to our middle school wing on the 3rd floor. Classrooms for grades 6-8 and Spanish are found on here. This wing also includes individual lockers for each middle school student and faculty and student restrooms.

At St. Edward there is one class for each grade level. To provide the best instruction and to prepare for switching classes in high school, our 6th-8th grade students rotate classrooms. One teacher instructs the students in language arts, another in math and science, and another in social students and vocabulary. Students rotate to the classroom of the appropriate teacher. All three of our middle school teachers have a master's degree.

Our Spanish classroom is also located here on the top floor. Each class, from Pre-K3 to 8th grade attends Spanish class each week.

Returning to the main entrance of the school, you will find the lower grades building. This wing of the building holds classrooms for grades 1-5 as well as a Resource classroom, two teacher work/supply rooms, and student restrooms.

Our Office of Advancement is also located in this hallway. The mission of this department is to actively increase the meaningful involvement of people within the St. Edward community and to promote community support and partnership.

The classrooms for grades 1-5 are almost 1,000 square feet each. This gives the classes ample space for special centers. This size, which is enhanced by the 10-foot ceilings and large windows, help make the classrooms an inviting learning environment for the young students.

Farther down the hallway, you will find our Resource room. St. Edward has a full-time Resource teacher with a masters degree in Special Education who is able to provide instruction in a smaller group setting to those students who need extra assistance in core subjects. This classroom contains several student computers and a wealth of instructional resources.

As you reach the end of our 1st-5th hallway, you will turn the corner to our Pre-K and K wing. To accommodate the needs of our youngest students, the three classrooms on this wing have access to four bathrooms. Each Pre-K and Kindergarten student has a cubbie for coats, backpacks, pillows, etc.

The Pre-K and K classrooms are center-based, so that students are able do a variety of activities each day.

At the end of the hall, outside the Pre-K room there is an additional open space with several bookshelves, chairs, a couch, and storage space. This space can be used for anything that requires an open area, such as practicing gross motor skills and making large crafts.

This hallway also provides access to the gymnasium. The gym serves a variety of functions as well. It is of course the home of the St. Edward Dragons. St. Edward competes against several other non-public schools in our own Little Rock Parochial League. 5th - 8th grade students are able to play basketball, volleyball, cross country, track, golf, cheerleading, and football. Our teams have had some very good seasons lately, winning a volleyball championship in 2008-2009 and basketball championships in 05-06, three in 06-07, two in 07-08, and two in 08-09. Once per week each class also has a pull-out for P.E. Our teacher has a master's degree in Physical Education. The gym also provides a morning gathering space during inclement weather for students who arrive at school before 7:45. The all-wood playing surface was refinished in 2009.

The gym is also used for all-school assemblies, visiting performances, and other large gatherings. The most significant of these events is our annual It Takes A Village Dinner and Auction that is hosted by our PTO. In the five years of its existence, It Takes A Village has raised $124,000!

As you leave the gym you will enter the courtyard. The courtyard is surrounded by the school buildings and church and is fully enclosed for safety. This space is available to all classes for recess, though grades 3-8 usually cross the street to MacArthur Park. The padded tiles were purchased and installed by our PTO to provide a better playing surface for the students.

Since our youngest students are not able to cross the street to the park as frequently as the older students, we do have our own equipment. This area contains swings, bouncing toys, and a jungle gym. Also the ground surface is fully covered by a one-foot-deep specialized wood mulch "fall zone" just in case.

On the opposite side of the courtyard from the school is the church. The basement of the church serves as our cafeteria. To ensure that everyone has plenty of room, classes are separated into three groups and staggered for lunches. The cafeteria is also the central location for our after-school care, which begins at 3:00 and runs until 5:30. The cafeteria also has an excellent sound system that was installed in 2009, and a projector and projector wall that can be used for movies or presentations.

Finally we reach the most beautiful part of our campus. The cornerstone was laid for the parish church in 1901, and it was dedicated in 1905. It has served the spiritual needs of the community since that time. The church is on the National Register of Historic Places in, and has recently been fully restored to its original grandeur. The vibrant stained glass windows, beautiful ornate woodwork, and soaring Gothic arches can only be fully appreciated in person. The rose window on the 9th Street side of the church is used as the parish and school logo. Students attend mass twice each week. Pre-K-5th attend on Wednesdays, 6th-8th attend on Thursdays, and everyone attends on Fridays. The students also lead an extra prayer service in the church on the first Friday of each month.

Our "extended" campus continues across the street. St. Edward has developed a strong relationship with MacArthur Park, the oldest city park in Little Rock, which is directly across 9th Street. Classes are welcome to use the park's playground and green spaces as often as they like. St. Edward classes also help in the annual park clean-up in thanks for use of the park and to do their part in giving back to their community. In 2010 MacArthur Park began renovations as part of a $24 master plan.

Two very significant institutions are located within MacArthur Park, giving classes the ability to take short walking field trips that are very beneficial. The first is MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History. The park and the museum are named in honor of General Douglas MacArthur who was born in the museum building in 1880. Museum exhibits include artifacts, photographs, weapons, documents, uniforms, and other military items. In 2011, the museum was voted one of the Top 10 attractions in the state by

The Arkansas Arts Center is also located in MacArthur Park. The Arts Center offers free exhibits of local, regional, and national artists. The Arts Center also hosts traveling exhibits, such as the World of the Pharaohs exhibit in 2010. The Arts Center also has a children's theater. St. Edward classes are frequently invited to attend these plays for free. It was also named to the list of Top 10 atractions in the state by in 2011. There is probably not another school in the state who can claim to be adjacent to two sites on this list!

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In addition to the Military History and Art Museums, St. Edward's location in the heart of downtown Little Rock is a prime spot for quick access to many other interesting sites and activities for students. This interactive map includes several of these hotspots. (Click on each blue arrow to see its description.)

Thank you very much for taking the St. Edward online tour. We hope that you would please consider stopping by for a tour in person. Please feel free to contact us for a tour or for any comments or questions.