St. Edward Catholic Church and School

Established 1885
The longest operating elementary or middle school in Little Rock.

School Highlights

End of the Year Awards

Students recognized for outstanding achievements during this school year.

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8th Grade Graduation

St. Edward celebrates its 128th graduating class.

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St. Edward School Board

Vision Statement

The School Board aspires to accomplish the mission of St. Edward School by providing support and guidance to the pastor and school principal in matters concerning the well-being of the school, policy formation, budget, tuition rates and fund-raising needs. The overarching aim is to assist in underpinning the foundation of a quality well-rounded education in a Christ-centered environment for generations to come.

2014-15 Board Members

The final year of a member's term is indicated in parentheses.

Todd Harness

(2015) - President

Chuck Ashburn

(2015) - Vice-President

Liz Mentgen

(2015) - Secretary

Kristie Brockette


Leo Ochoa


Eric Tinner


Lisa Reber


Jose Rivera


Mandy Self


The St. Edward School Board is an advisory board that assists the principal in various duties. New members are recommended by the board and appointed by the pastor. Board meetings are typically held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. If a non-member would like to share comments at a board meeting, please contact either the pastor or principal prior to the meeting and arrangements can be made. Individual board members exercise no official consultative role outside the board meeting. Members do not have the responsibility or authority to resolve school matters. If a board member is approached regarding a school issue, he/she will refer the aggrieved person to the complaint procedure outlined in the Student & Family Handbook.

Board Policies for the Catholic Schools of Arkansas