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Substance Abuse Speaker Today

May 24, 2012

Today Mr. Hayse Miller from the Family Service Agency of DHHS spoke to our middle school students regarding the perils of substance abuse.  During his visit, he touched on several important topics for students:

  • He opened with an ice breaker game in which students had to unwrap Hershey’s kisses with and without gloves. He then compared substance abuse to putting a glove on your brain and how it cannot do the things it should do.
  • He shared a personal story about being offered cigarettes for the first time. He chose not to participate because of the example of his parents.
  • He shared another personal story in which he was struck by a car driven by a drunk driver.

Mr. Miller also answered several questions on the following topics:

  • He discussed ways for children to keep themselves safe from substance abuse that happens at parties. He encouraged them to have good friends that they can trust and who will look out for them.
  • He discussed various types of drugs and the way they affect people.
  • He discussed the symptoms and struggles of addiction, and resources available for people to get out of addiction.
  • He discussed what to do if they know someone who is involved in substance abuse. He talked about the difference between “snitching” and reporting things that need to be reported. He encouraged students to rely on their parents and teachers.

We want to thank Mr. Miller, and all our parents and staff who work so hard to encourage healthy and responsible behaviors for all of our children!

Future Leaders Speakers Series

May 11, 2012

Richard Blank, Managing Director of Stephen's Inc., spoke with our middle school students today about his life and career.  This was our last speaker of the year, and, as always, our students received some great insight and asked some wonderful questions.  Thank you Mr. Blake and all of our speakers from this past year.

Battle of the Books

May 8, 2012

Each year St. Joseph Catholic School in Conway sponsors a Battle of the Books.  Students are given a list of books to read throughout the year in preparation.  The Catholic Schools from around the state then send their teams to Conway compete on their knowledge of the books.  While we did not win this year, we are very proud of our students.

First Holy Communion

May 6, 2012

One of the most special days of the year is when our 2nd grade students receive First Holy Communion.  Congratulations to our 2nd graders!

A Day at the Park

May 4, 2012

Each year at the end of the year, we take one day for students to enjoy the outdoors by playing games and other activities at the park.  This is a day for parents to come join their kids and enjoy sunshine, snacks, and fellowship.  This year our student council also purchased ice cream for each student.  The day ended with a basketball game between the 8th grade boys and the basketball coaches and faculty.  Everyone had a lot of fun.

MacArthur Park Clean-up

April 27, 2012

St. Edward has the great privilege of being across the street from MacArthur Park, Little Rock's oldest city park.  Our students use the playground and green spaces on a daily basis.  The park is also home to the Arkansas Arts Center and MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History, both of which were included in the top 10 attractions in the state by  Each year, the park holds a clean-up day.  To say thanks for the great resources we have in the park, our students participate in this community service project.  Today our students raked leaves, cleaned up gumballs, picked up trash, and helped in any way they could. 

2012 Athletic Banquet

April 19, 2012

As the sports seasons draw to a close each year, St. Edward holds an athletic banquet to honor the players and coaches who have worked so hard throughout the year.  Our guest speaker this year was Coach Scooter Register, the current head football coach at Little Rock Central High School and former coach of Catholic High School for Boys.  Following our speaker each player in volleyball, basketball, golf, cross country, and cheerleading received a medal and each coach had a chance to reflect on the season.  This year we also gave special recognition to our volunteer athletic director, David McCauley, who is stepping down after five years.  We thank Coach McCauley and all of the coaches and players for all they did to make this a great season for St. Edward.

Fun at the Museum of Discovery

March 30, 2012

Third, Fourth, and Fifth grades walked to the Museum of Discovery in the River Market today to see the new exhibits.  The Channel 7 news crew was also there today, and our students got to have fun trying the experiments with them. Enjoy the video below: 

Exploring Planet X

March 29, 2012

Today our 5th grade class experienced Planet X.  "The Race for Planet X" is a new mobile exhibit from the Arkansas Discovery Network and funded by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.  This exhibit was hear earlier in the year for our middle school students.

The scenario for the exhibit is that a new planet has been discovered on the edge of space, and participants have the duty of searching for life and mapping the resources of the planet.  Students were able interact with the 40'x16' exhibit and to work as a team to solve the mysteries of the planet.  We are very thankful for the Arkansas Discovery Network and the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation for making this possible for us.  We also thank one of our parents, Kaysie Rusk, for setting this up.  The students enjoyed it very much.

Arkansas Orchestra and You!

March 29, 2012

Today representatives from the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra presented the "Orchestra and You" to our Kindergarten-3rd grades.  A violinist from the orchestra was here to play and talk with the students.  The students then got a chance to be the orchestra by "playing" with mock instruments.  This is a great way for students to experience music from a new perspective. 

St. Edward Marathon Team

March 4, 2012

The annual Little Rock Marathon includes a “Little Rockers” event.  To participate in the Little Rockers Marathon, students accumulate miles on their own in preparation for the event and then complete the final mile at the marathon.  St. Edward has had a team each of the past two years.  Several of our students participated by completing their miles in PE class.  We are very proud of them all for their accomplishment and for representing our school so well. 

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

March 2, 2012

Each year, the lower grades celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday by dressing up as his characters and having a parade in his honor.  They also made green eggs but no ham this year since his birthday fell on a Friday during Lent.  As always, the day was enjoyed by all.

Pre-K dressed as Things 1 through 8. 

Great American Clean-Up

February 13, 2012

Our 1st-5th grade classes recently participated in the Great American Cleanup in Arkansas Youth Poster Contest.  A winner was selected from each class, and the winning posters were sent to the Captiol where a statewide winner will be selected.  Last year one of our students won 2nd place in the state contest!  Here are the winners from St. Edward:

Yesica, 5th

Jose, 4th

Senetenari, 3rd

Caleb, 2nd

Sid, 1st

CSW - Can the Principal

February 3, 2012

Each year during Catholic Schools Week the St. Edward students bring canned food and other food goods to donate to Helping Hand.  This year the Student Council put a unique spin on the can drive calling it “Can the Principal!”  Rather than collect the cans in the hallway, cans were arranged around the principal’s office.  If students covered enough of the room, they would receive an out-of-uniform day and ice cream.  They did a wonderful job by donating 1,206 food items!  We are very proud of our students for their service.

CSW - Volleyball Challenge

February 2, 2012

Each year the 8th grade students challenge the faculty to a volleyball game during Catholic Schools Week.  The entire student body attends, and the gym is the loudest and most energetic that it is all year.  The principal and Student Council president made a friendly wager before the game that the losing team would perform the Chicken Dance following the game.  The 8th graders won, but the whole school joined in on the dance.  It was a great way to end a great day.

CSW - Duct Tape Fashion Show

February 2, 2012

As a science project the 8th grade students were asked to create something out of duct tape.  Today they got to show off their creations to the whole student body.  The costumes were very creative and very well done.   

CSW - Community Service

February 2, 2012

Catholic Schools Week is the perfect time to thank those who help us to have a great school.  Today some of our student council members visited some downtown business partners and presented them with St. Edward gift boxes.  It was our way of saying “thanks” for all they do for the school and let them know that we are praying for them and their employees this week. 

CSW - Candlemas Blessing

February 2, 2012

It has now been 40 days since Christmas.  Jewish Law required parents to present their children to God in the Temple 40 days after their birth.  Today we remember the day that Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple.  It is a tradition in the Church to bless candles on this day.  The entire school gathered in the courtyard this morning for this blessing.  The middle school students then processed into the church to symbolize the light of Christ entering the world.

CSW - Vocations Day

February 1, 2012

Each year during Catholic Schools Week, St. Edward invites someone from the religious life to come speak to students about vocations. This year our speaker was Fr. Frank Lowe, Wing Chaplain of Little Rock Air Force Base.  Fr. Frank spoke about some of his experiences as a chaplain, the duties of a military chaplain, and the differences between being a chaplain and a parish priest.  Fr. Frank also brought his military issue chaplains kit that he uses to say mass in the field.  We very much appreciate the insight and example that he shared with us. 

CSW - Pennies for St. Peter

January 30, 2012

One of our sister schools, St. Peter in Pine Bluff, is facing some serious financial difficulty this year.  To do our part, St. Edward and the other Catholic schools around the state collected change in a "Pennies for St. Peter" campaign.  Over the course of a few weeks, St. Edward collected $271.67 for St. Peter!  St. Edward also donated 1¢ of every $1 of concessions this basketball season.  Together the Catholic schools collected over $9,000.  We will send this money to St. Peter this week in recognition of Catholic Schools Week.

If you would like to help St. Peter through this difficult time, you can learn more on their website: